CEO's Message

Global Online Hospitality Academy was established to meet the staffing needs of companies operating in the tourism and hotel sector in Azerbaijan, as well as to contribute to the field.

Today, our country has ample opportunities for the development of tourism and hospitality. This factor itself can be considered as a factor that promotes the development of many areas of the country's economy.

We try to show our hospitality and culture to hotel guests by combining them with hotel culture.

Our desire is to develop the hospitality skills of both urban and regional resorts. For this purpose, we have involved our local and foreign trainers with international experience in our academy as carriers of this mission.

As a Global Online Hospitality Academy, we believe that our work in the tourism and hospitality sector will be successful thanks to the human capital we attract. We continue to mobilize all our forces for this.


Nasibbayli Jeyhun

Co-Founder and CEO
CEO's Message
CEO's Message