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Are the trainings free?

Yes, most of our trainings are free as we believe that basic skills should be taught for free. However, some specialized skills are based on category are chargeable. Rest assured that the prices GOHA is charging below the market prices, to make sure that everyone has more chance to learn and grow.

Why to enroll to the trainings with GOHA?

We make sure that everyone has the basic rights for education. Essential skills in hospitality or in other industries should be taught free. This is our driving force and vision. Secondly, we offer hands on trainings from experts who will share the experiences which is more tangible and effective than theories in the class. Thirdly, you will be having the chance to network with the same experts who are advanced in their career, which gives you extra advantages to grow and get connections.

Is your certification internationally accredited?

We are in the process of getting CPD accreditation for international recognition which is essential milestone. We highly encourage you to be part of our growing tribe as we continue to sign for new accreditations.

Can I get job once I had a certification from GOHA?

We highly recommend for continuous improvement and sharpening of your skills’ saw for better exposure to recruiters. GOHA can help the individuals to build up industry needed skills and grow network which might lead for future job for the individual.